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minoy special studies services
  YOU would like a special study event organized?
  YOU are looking for a competent cooperation partner for planning, organization and execution?
  YOU don't want standard solutions, rather an individually tailored program?
  YOU want a fair price?
  YOU friendly and indivual service?
  Then you came to the right place!
  We offer you our services in the following special areas:
  Social concern
  City building
  For all Special Study areas we offer:
  Study tours
  City tours and guided tours
  Special Area visits
  Ladies programs
  We gladly provide the necessary surrounding conditions for the above. The degree of effort would be according to your wishes.
  Our offers:
  Culture / History
  Berlin-Tours by Bus

Prussian building


State capital city - Frontstadt - federal capital city


National Socialism und Resistance


Industrial history


Social history


Areas of the worker movement


Traffic metropolis yesterday, today and tomorrow

  City tours

Trace search -the history of the berlin wall


The future has started: past, present and future of the center of berlin


Government locations in the past and present


Jewish life in Berlin


Hackesche Courtyards and Spandau suburb

  For example:

The History of Berlin


Medicine history

  Architecture / city planning
  Berlin-Tours by Bus

The City-projects

  Parliament and government buildings
  Prussian buildings
  International building exhibitions
  Buildings of the 20's
  Buildings since the Second World War
  Large settlements and prefabricated building settlements
  Buildings of the 80's
  Buildings of the 90's
  The new suburb
  City re-building
  Ecological city -rebuilding
  Industrial architecture
  Traffic and traffic planning in Berlin
  Art im Stadtraum
  Excursions by ship

Around the inner-city: Landwehr canal and Spree

  Area developement in the southeast: on the Spree from the Treptowers
  to the K÷penick castle
  On the Havel: from the IBA 1987 to the developement area of Spandauer
  On the west side of the Spree: from the factory of the future to Spandau,
  the oldest settlement in Berlin
  City tours

The new heart of the city - between Chancellory and Potsdamer Square

  The new Berlin: the Potsdamer Square
  Prussia's glamor and Glory: buildings in the historical center
  Government buildings of the past, present and future
  New and old Architecture: Hackesche Courtyards and Spandauer
  Settlements of the 1920's
  Large settlements and their future
  Restoration areas
  Examples of ecological city restoration
  Villa Colonies: Lichterfelde, West Zehlendorf , Wannsee
  Discover Berlin by bicycle

Through the Center: City-Projekts and buildings for Parliament and

  The Villa Colony Lichterfelde
  Country style buildings in Zehlendorf
  The Britzer Wohnungsband: Hufeisen settlement, Britz south and

Building in Berlin

  The City building developement of Berlin
  Current city building tendency
  Further offers

Visits to Architect and Planning offices

  Construction site visits
  Lectures in spezial area administration
  Visits to the German Architectural centers
  Health-/Social matters
  minoy has several different special area offers , for example:

Study seminars

  Study tours
  Study excursions
  Visits to Health and Social matter institutions
  Beyond this we offer different events in the area of medicine history:

City tour of Berlin's history of medicine

  Tours of medicine history and the history of the CharitÚ
  Lectures on the history of medicine
  Visits to the Museum of the History of Medicine




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